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Renovating or remodeling a bathroom should be done by qualified, experienced contractors, and H. Bond Construction, a remodeling and renovating contractor, has turned many a small dark room into one with a spa-like feeling. Replacing or painting bathroom cabinets and adding beautiful marble or stone countertops for the vanity area can make a spectacular difference in the overall feeling of the bathroom.

When we renovate a bathroom, we can also suggest safety features for young children to elderly adults who have access to the area.

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H. Bond Construction can renovate or remodel your bathroom and give it updated features. Some of the bathroom projects we have completed are listed below. We have also added new bathrooms to existing homes.

  • Replace or upgrade tubs/showers
  • Move toilet, tub, sink, or shower
  • Repair or add new tile in shower
  • Add handrails in shower and tub area
  • Caulk shower/tub area
  • Replace shower/tub/sink faucets
  • "Aging-in-Place" bathroom aids
  • Repair or replace bathroom flooring
  • Paint bathroom walls
  • Replace or remove bathroom wallpaper
  • Add or replace exhaust fan
  • Add or enlarge linen cabinets/storage area
  • Upgrade ceiling lighting
  • Paint bathroom cabinets
  • Replace bathroom cabinets
  • Replace hardware on bathroom cabinets
  • Add granite, marble, or laminate countertops
  • Replace mirrors over cabinet/vanity area
  • Water damage restoration in bathroom

Bathroom Vanity/Cabinet and Countertops Renovation

H. Bond Construction Company can remove old bathroom vanity cabinet countertops and install new countertops constructed from a variety of materials to suit your budget.

Beautiful marble, granite, soapstone, or slate are natural stone choices that can give your bathroom cabinets a polished look. We can also install beautiful quartz, an engineered stone, on your bathroom countertops.

More budget-friendly choices include laminate and tile.

H. Bond Construction can talk to you about the pros and cons of each choice and help you make the best decision for your lifestyle and budget.

renovated shower with tile on shower walls

Bathroom Shower and Tub Renovation

H. Bond Construction-Renovation can remove the bulky, tiled, jetted tub that is often unused and difficult to access and replace it with a more luxurious, freestanding tub that is easier and safer to access.

If you want to totally remove the tub and create a larger space in your bathroom, we can replace the tub with a larger shower. We have the experience to do the job correctly and according to code.

For those who are aging in place, we can install safety features around the tub and shower area as well as install tubs that are more user-friendly for our handicapped clients.

Bathroom Walls Renovation - Painting

Repainting a bathroom is a quick way to give an old bathroom a new, fresh look. We hire the most experienced team of painters in the market and have an extensive list of clients who rely on us for all of their painting needs.

Oftentimes, a bathroom or half-bath is small, and when it has old, dark, peeling paint, it can often have a claustrophobic feeling. H. Bond Construction can repaint the small space with a lighter paint color, or a fresh coat of the paint color of your choice, to make it feel fresher, brighter and larger.

Adding wallpaper to bathroom walls is another option that can add a fresh feeling to a small area.

walls of bathroom that were painted by local paint contractor
replaced shower tile floor in bathroom

Bathroom and Shower Flooring Upgrade and Renovation

There are several options H. Bond Construction Company can offer our clients when renovating a bathroom.

A natural stone floor in the bathroom is preferred for a look of elegance. We can install marble, granite, slate, or travertine floors.

Budget friendly options include vinyl tile or vinyl rolls, with patterns that can mimic beautiful stone or tile floors. We can offer and install vinyl that is so beautiful that it will be hard to distinguish it from real stone or tile. You might want to consider wood laminate, which has the look of wood, but is easier to maintain and more budget-friendly.

Shower tiled floors can become cracked and need to be replaced, or, they are out of date and a client may want a new look. We can do that for you.

Ask us about other choices when you remodel your bathroom floor.

Replace Bathroom Vanity Lights and Bathroom Ceiling Fixtures

Bathroom lighting can make a huge difference between the feeling one gets from entering a drab bathroom with outdated lighting and fixtures.

Getting light to the correct area of the bathroom is essential, and H. Bond Construction Company can show you a wide variety of ceiling and wall lighting fixtures from which to choose. Luckily, bathroom lighting fixtures can be purchased in a wide range of price points, and H. Bond Construction Company can hang or install bathroom lighting as you renovate this area of your home.

We can also replace faucets for cabinets, tubs, and showers and offer and install beautiful bathroom accessories to complete the look.

replace bathroom vanity lights