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Kitchen Remodeling and Renovation
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remodeled kitchen with new wood floor, new tile backsplash, refurbished and repainted kitchen cabinets, replaced windows and updated faucets

Kitchen Remodeling and Renovation Contractor
Bryan-College Station

The kitchen workspace is usually an area of high traffic, and if it is not functional, remodeling or renovating it has many benefits. H. Bond Construction Company has an experienced workforce who can do the job correctly and make the area more efficient and comfortable. The workflow area in the kitchen can be rearranged, outdated kitchen appliances replaced with more efficient models, old countertops replaced with beautiful stone, and kitchen cabinets repainted or replaced.

H. Bond Construction Company can preview your wish list and budget and then meet with you to decide the best way to move forward to achieve your goals.

H. Bond Construction offers a variety of ways to upgrade your kitchen. Call today to discuss the many options available to you that are within your budget.

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H. Bond Construction is a local contractor which has experience
with the following kitchen renovation and remodeling projects:

  • Kitchen cabinet renovation
  • Paint kitchen cabinets
  • Add new, modern hardware to kitchen cabinets
  • Paint kitchen walls
  • Remove outdated kitchen wallpaper
  • Replace kitchen wallpaper
  • Change out backsplash
  • Replace kitchen faucets
  • Replace kitchen sink
  • Add kitchen island
  • Enlarge kitchen pantry
  • Replace outdated kitchen windows and doors
  • Update kitchen stove
  • Add vent hood over stove
  • Add or replace kitchen light fixtures
  • Change kitchen floors
  • Convert kitchen to handicap friendly area
  • Water damage restoration in kitchen

Kitchen Cabinet Renovation

Renovating or remodeling kitchen cabinets can give the kitchen a totally new look and turn this room into a showpiece in your home.

Old paint that is discolored and chipped can be stripped from the cabinets and given a fresh coat of paint, making them look brand new.

If you have old, outdated cabinet doors, we can build new doors that look modern to replace them.

Changing outdated hardware on the kitchen cabinets will give them a polished look.

If your cabinets are beyond renovating, we can always build new cabinets to replace them.

renovated kitchen cabinets
remodeled kitchen countertop

Kitchen Countertop Renovation

The kitchen countertop is the most used surface area of the kitchen. When remodeling or renovating your kitchen, many of our clients select granite or stone, such as soapstone, as their material of choice. Skilled craftsmen will remove your old countertop and replace it with the more durable, stylish material.

Laminate is still requested by some homeowners when they remodel or renovate, and some can even have the appearance of granite or stone.

Other materials that can be installed are butcher block, Formica, Carrara and concrete.

Kitchen Walls and Backsplash Renovation

H. Bond Construction Company is a paint contractor and can add a fresh coat of paint to your kitchen walls that will transform a drab kitchen to one that looks clean and up-to-date. Color preferences and trends change over the years, and we can offer suggestions for paint types that will last for years.

If you have old wallpaper in your kitchen, or want to change it to something more modern, H. Bond Construction Company can remove old wallpaper and carefully hang new wallpaper.

H. Bond Construction can build a beautiful, stylish tile backsplash to the walls behind your kitchen cabinets and make kitchen cleanup much easier. Adding a backsplash can help protect your kitchen walls from water damage, chips and dings.

tile backsplash upgrade
tile upgrade on kitchen flooring

Kitchen Flooring Upgrade and Renovation

Tile is one of the most requested types of flooring we install in the kitchen during the remodeling process, and as responsible, local tile contractors, you can have peace of mind knowing it will be laid by experienced craftsmen.

Wood flooring is also a popular kitchen floor material and H. Bond Construction can lay a beautiful wood floor that will last for years. We can apply a water-resistant finish to help protect the wood from spills and other mishaps in the kitchen.

Other flooring options are vinyl flooring and laminates, which have the same appearance of the more costly wood or tile.

If you are unsure about your selection of kitchen floor material, H. Bond Construction can discuss the pros and cons of each option to help you make the best decision for your lifestyle and budget as we plan the remodeling or renovation project.

Kitchen Light Fixtures Renovation

Updating kitchen light fixtures will be completed by a licensed electrician. H. Bond Construction Company can install recessed lighting, ceiling light fixtures, track lighting, linear chandeliers, pendant lights, flush mount linear lights, cabinet lighting or any combination of lighting fixtures to enhance your kitchen.

Depending on the purpose of the lighting, H. Bond Construction Company can offer suggestions for your consideration before making lighting purchases to remodel your kitchen.

You can be sure that your lighting project will be up to code and installed properly.

change kitchen lighting fixtures

Bring style and function to your kitchen
by remodeling or renovating this area
with new cabinets, countertops, painted walls, backsplash, flooring, and light fixtures.
H. Bond Construction will be pleased to perform these contractor services for you.